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Now What?!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Having an attorney is a good decision, helpful (having a legal representative working for you), and terrifying. My clients arrive for appointments appearing very scared, stressed, and worried and then we start to talk. Usually, I practice family law, which includes a variety of matters: including Divorce, Custody, anything, and everything that has to do with children. Children's issues and working with families through some difficult times, are the direction I have taken my practice.

For the parent sitting in my office, when it involves the children, it is so hard to see the solutions. Everything is about what is best for them, and parents do not always agree on what that means.

I believe that I can help my clients because I have the legal background, and I am also a parent. I have spent the better part of twenty years, as a parent watching out for those beloved children of mine, thinking about their safety.

We spend their first few years, protecting them from power outlets, "hot" things, bumps, and bruises, and here in the middle of a divorce, the law looks at each case, somewhat generically. Or does it?

It is true there are standards, for custody, for visitation, for child support, and it can seem pretty generic; and it does not have to be. With an attorney, looking for solutions to your issues, and hopefully, if both sides are willing to look at those solutions, we can craft agreements that truly are in the best interests of your children.

So, when you are coming into my office, to talk about having to share your time with your children over to the other parent/ conservator/ grandmother, because the Court says so, I understand this part of why you are scared.

I hope that through this process, I will help ease your fears, guide you and strengthen you into seeing your child has two homes, two families, and that all of you are there for that child! I will do all I can do to make sure that if that other parent/ conservator/ grandmother is not SAFE, they become SAFE or minimize their ability to cause harm to that child.

I can only tell you that with time, we will get through this. Let me help you do this. Mr. Google - cannot do everything. Now What?! --

Call me to help you. --



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