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2203 St. Christopher Ave.
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  • What is a Green Card? / How do I get one?

    A “Green card” is a card that shows a person has adjusted their status to that of a lawful permanent resident in the US and is now entitled to live and work in the US permanently.

    Obtaining a green card can be a difficult process and a long one. You should consult with an immigration attorney about your specific case.

    Typically, however, most aliens adjust status to permanent residency through Family Based Immigration or Employment Based Immigration.


  • What is Adjustment of Status?

  • Adjustment of Status is the term for an alien moving from 1 class of alien to another. Most often it refers from someone moving from a non-immigrant (temporary visitor) or an immigrant (permanent) permission to be in the US.

    For example, someone who entered the US, legally, as a tourist or student, but met someone and fell in love and decided to get married to them and would like to stay permanently would seek to adjust their status from a non-immigrant to an immigrant.

    You can read more about Adjustment of Status at the USCIS website.

    What happens if I entered without a visa or overstayed my visa?

    You are in the US ILLEGALLY.

    You need to talk to an immigration attorney about your case. Immediately. Visa overstays or illegal entries can subject you to removal proceedings from the US and trigger bars of 3-10 years that prevent you from returning.

  • What is EWI?

    EWI means “entered without inspection.” It means you entered without a visa and illegally and it can pose a barrier to your being able to stay in the country as described above.

  • What are my chances of deportation or removal?

    If you are in the US illegally, you are subject to removal at any time.

    Removal starts most often with someone informing on you to the USCIS or in connection with a criminal matter or sometimes if you make a mistake when applying to stay in the United States. If this might apply to your situation, you need to talk to an attorney.